Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Spiritual Direction

When friends meet to talk about their relationship with God, God listens. — Sr. Virginia Varley CSJ

Spiritual direction is a ministry that is anchored in the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Within this ministry, a person of faith offers companionship and support to an individual on a spiritual journey.

The two people involved meet regularly, allowing an individual to talk with a companion who is a person of faith. They can talk about the quest for God and the journey that quest implies. The conversation can include experiences of prayer and life and where they experience the presence or seeming absence of God.

The companion listens and tries to help the individual come to a deeper awareness and sense of direction. The companion believes that it is God who is guiding the individual. Through conversation around desires and experiences, God's invitations will come to the surface. The companion is present to help the individual explore God's way of being involved in someone's life.

Why People Seek Spiritual Direction

People seek spiritual direction for many reasons. It may be a problem they want to be able to pray over or a desire for a personal relationship with God. They may feel the need to sort out inner conflicts in order to move forward. They may realize they are on a faith journey and need help to understand it.
How to Find Spiritual Direction

A person seeking spiritual direction may ask their pastor for a suggestion, or they may get in touch with a theological college and ask about spiritual direction, or they may search online for someone who can help. Sisters of St. Joseph who offer spiritual direction are:

Sister Ann Delaney:
Sister Virginia Varley:
Sr. Mary Mettler:

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