Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Prayer is a part of daily life for Sisters of St. Joseph. Their life of prayer never stops and when a Sister's active ministry is over, prayer becomes her primary ministry. In this ministry, a Sister will devote her time to praying for the needs of the world, the church, the congregation and the people who ask for her prayers.

People with prayer requests can submit them here.

Below, Sister Anne Lemire describes the role of prayer in her life a Sister:

From the beginning of my life as a Sister, I understood prayer as a way of life. I pray daily with my Sisters as we pray the Prayer of the Church. We direct thanksgiving and praise of the entire universe to God. I pray for the many women and men who join us daily for Mass in our chapel. At these times, we lift up all who have asked for our prayer to our God of love.

My prayer is fuelled by knowing that we are all the beloved creatures of a faithfully loving Creator. God loves the world more than I ever can. Because God is in charge, I can rejoice in the beauty of creation and the goodness of others.

Your prayer requests are always welcome. Requests come to us from far and near, from young and old, from people who count on our intercession for every conceivable need: a job, a good marriage, physical and emotional cures, success in exams, financial stability, increase of faith, discernment of vocation in life, etc. These requests are remembered and honoured long after we receive them. And remember, too, we count on your prayer for us!

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