Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Mission, Charism, Spirituality & Community

Our mission

We are a community of Roman Catholic sisters who strive to answer God's call. We are committed to nurturing community, making Christ present to the world through personal witness and living lives of service as stated in our mission statement:

"The love of Christ gathers us together to live in communion with all. As a community of women we are sent to serve those in need in simplicity and compassion."

Our special focus, our mission, is to work for unity and reconciliation: where there is division, we try to bring people together. Our aim is to help those who are struggling in today's world, especially the poor, by walking with them. Our Shared Ministerial Commitment outlines this clearly:

“We seek to nurture community with our neighbour, especially with the homeless, the alienated, the economically poor, women at risk and our wounded earth.”

Our charism

A charism is a gift of the Spirit given to people so that they may use it to help others. Each religious community has its own charism, which then determines what their work or mission will be. Father Jean-Pierre Médaille and the first Sisters of St. Joseph were inspired by Jesus' invitation: to love God and to love our neighbour. From this invitation flowed our charism: to be one with God, among ourselves and with all others.

Our Spirituality and Community

Our spirituality is apostolic: it finds expression in ministries to those in need and all creation. Our life together and our ministries reflect the love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Trinity and also the Holy Family. We nourish our spirituality through personal and communal prayer, celebration of the sacraments, regular retreats and other spiritual nourishment. Our call to life in community is a special gift of the Spirit: we believe that Christ is present among us and in each person.

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