Sunday, January 24, 2021
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The Ministry of Art

Many Sisters have included art in their own spiritual journey. They have then gone on to offer others the language of art for their prayer and spiritual renewal.

Sister Virginia Varley and Sister Grace Sauvé offer contemplative art retreats. In their documentation they describe these retreats which include presentations, multi-media meditative art offerings and personal guidance as serving to “enable each retreatant to discover the soul’s language in art and learn a way of praying that leads to a deep intimacy with God using art as a language of prayer.”

Sister Helen Kluke found the language of clay transforming and now teaches children and adults in her studio. Over the last 10 years, she has offered a day of reflection on The Journey of the Clay and our Personal Spiritual Journey to many groups.

Sister Betty Lou is an artist as well as a photographer and combined the two media in a book she published called Greening with Hildegard of Bingen. She has gone on to offer workshops on Hildegard and has volunteered at Creative Works Studios, a program for adults with mental health needs.

Sr. Dorothy Grills offers her art to speak and collaborate with Aboriginal people in The Sharing Circle of Life. This sharing is given support and guidance through the ministry of Building Bridges Project initiatives that promote inter-culturation of faith and unity with our First Nations People.

Many other Sisters work with their art and photography to deepen their spiritual lives, to encounter nature in a different way and to create images that celebrate nature and connect to Mystery. It is their hope that others will be introduced to some form of art as meditation in their spiritual journey.

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