Sunday, January 24, 2021
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As an Associate

Many people today search for spirituality in their daily lives. CSJ Associates are single or married women and men who are attracted by the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph. They promise to develop in their spirituality and their service to others within their own lifestyle.

Through regular association, prayer and service, CSJ Associates grow in their own vocation as single or married women or men. They reflect the spirit of love in their homes, parishes and communities.

How it all began

The Second Vatican Council (1962 - 65) encouraged all congregations to return to their roots. "Examine your history and written documents," the Council advised. "It will hold the key to what you need to know today."

An examination of early documents revealed how, in the 1600's, the first Sisters came together in Le Puy, France, to care for those in need. Some became vowed members of the new congregation, while others chose to assist as associates.

CSJ Associates are patterned on this model. In 1982, the CSJ congregation created a formal association with lay people. The CSJ Associates were born.

What is involved in being an associate?

Associates share in the mission of the CSJ by committing to the following:

  • An initial formation period before admission
  • Daily prayer
  • Celebration of the Eucharist
  • Monthly gatherings with their group for prayer and faith sharing
  • An annual assembly on current issues
  • A yearly weekend retreat

For more information contact:

Please download a copy of the CSJ Associates brochure.

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